Why should my company use your services?

Bridging the gap between company management and outside law firms, I will help you to maximize the value of your critical business assets while ensuring they are legally protected. Having worked as a general counsel for several companies, I understand the need for balance between practical business considerations and appropriate attention to legal issues. Moreover, because my office operation is efficient and my overhead is low, I can provide a very cost-effective service.

Can you give some examples of how you can help my business?

I can help you to establish strong and healthy relationships with your customers and suppliers by developing and negotiating agreements that fully encompass the needs of your business, accurately reflect the relationships that you want, and maximize protection of your assets. Together we can assess potential future risks in the relationships and ensure that the agreements strike an appropriate balance between risk management and business objectives.

If your primary assets are intellectual property such as chip designs, software programs, or patentable inventions, I will ensure the assets have been identified and help you to decide how best to protect them. I will then undertake whatever is necessary to implement the necessary protections. For example, I can establish an invention review process, guide you on trademark and copyright marking procedures, register basic trademarks, and help you to ensure that trade secrets retain legal protection.

Can you manage all of our legal issues?

I can personally handle the vast majority of legal issues that typically arise in a small company. For some matters that require unique certification or specialization, such as patent prosecution, securities regulation, wage and hour issues, and litigation, I can identify a specialist with whom I have had previous successful experience and manage your company’s relationship with them, ensuring appropriate and cost-effective service.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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